Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob

Okay, I've been very lax about blogging lately. Too many other things to keep me occupied. My apologies to the two or three people who actually read this regularly.

Regarding my long stretch of writer's block, I decided to stop beating my head against the wall and put that story away. I'll get back to it someday, months or years from now. A few weeks ago, I started a new book, a fast and loose fantasy, and that's going very well so far. It's flowing nicely, and my writing quality is much improved. So I'm following my inspiration, and it's paying off. Writing is fun again. And so is drawing, which I've also started up again. Life is good.

I took a half day of vacation today to do some errands, and I had lunch at Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob in Dundee since one of my coworkers had recommended it so very highly. It's a little hole in the wall with a lot of charm. New, freshly painted walls and groovy light fixtures contrast with old brickwork, giving the joint a lot of character. They're too new to be in the phone book yet, and while they have a website, it doesn't have any content yet, so for those of you local here in Omaha, Nebraska, you can find the place just south of the intersection of 50th Street and Underwood.

There are only three things on the menu: falafel sandwich, Doner kabob, and curry fries. They are all cheap, and the quantity is enormous. I had the Doner kabob and curry fries. Get the curry fries if you've got a friend to share with--the basket is huge, way more than one person can handle. (Well, at least this one person.) They are very tasty, and mine were nice and crispy.

The Doner kabob was not what the word "kabob" makes me think (skewer), but instead a bread pocket stuffed with lamb and vegetables (most notably, fresh, crisp, thick-sliced cucumbers), with a really yummy spicy sauce. The taste and texture of the lamb reminded me of a gyro. The sandwich was far too thick for me to get my mouth around, and thus extremely messy. Dagwood Bumstead might have trouble with this one. It was absolutely delicious, with a very rich, savory mix of different flavors. I will definitely have it again, and I recommend it highly.

Now I can't wait to go back and try the falafel sandwich.

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