Saturday, July 21, 2007

All That and Several Bags of Chips

A friend and I tried to go to the zoo today, but because the weather's so nice, the zoo was insanely crowded. One circle around the parking lot and a glance at the huge lines at the gate (note: this was not right at opening time, either), and we left. We ended up having lunch in the Old Market and shopping a bit. Then we went to Wild Oats.

So there I was at a grocery store specializing in health foods, and what did I get?
  • Two kinds of soda: green tea root beer and white tea pomegranate soda.
  • Two candy bars: a gluten-free vegan chocolate crisp and organic peanut butter cups.
  • Three bags of chips: malt vinegar & sea salt kettle cooked potato chips, yogurt & green onion kettle cooked potato chips, and Snapea Crisps.

Yes, I went to a health food store and bought a load of junk food. It is my nature.

Besides, it's exotic and bizarre junk food!

All right . . . the Snapea Crisps. These are little green snackies made from, yes, peas. Sounds disgusting, or at least disconcerting, but they are fantastically delicious. They are salty, savory, and lightly crunchy, with the texture of baked cheese puffs (but, of course, nothing cheesy about the flavor). They are also incredibly addictive. I ate the whole bag this afternoon. I want to get more, but it would probably be dangerous for me to keep these around the house.

The rest of the goodies I got, I will save for other days. I have already had way, way too many calories for today.

In other junk food news, this week I discovered Blair's Death Rain potato chips at UNO's student center. There are two "medium" rated flavors, and one "xtra, xtra hot" rated one. After trying both of the medium ones, both of which left me sweating, panting, and guzzling water, I think the hot one would be way too much for me to handle. However, the "medium" buffalo wing flavor is so good that I went back the next day for more. If you want something that blasts open your sinus passages while still actually tasting good, these are the chips for you.

And in the realm of junk food for the mind, check out for pages upon pages of silly pictures of cats (and sometimes dogs, hamsters, ferrets, or walruses) with goofy captions. Be warned: if u hatez bad grahmar and mispelings, u will b offendeded.

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Kelly said...

The Snap peas are good. Must not return to Wild Oats for bags of junk food!