Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Root Beer Milk, Part II

Well, my attempts to mix my own root beer milk have been met with epic failure. Even though I used the finest ingredients--farm fresh milk and upscale all-natural root beer--I couldn't get the taste right. The sweetness of the root beer is not by itself enough to make the beverage as a whole sweet. So I'm guessing that Burbach's dairy adds sugar to offset the non-sweetness of the milk. When I added a spoonful of sugar to my cup, the flavor was almost right. However, the sugar didn't dissolve fully in the cold liquid, and thus my drink had texture. Eeek!

So I'll just buy the Burbach milk when I want a treat.

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sectheatre said...

I am sitting here drinking a root beer and I had a thought about your root beer milk issue. You could probably make this work on your own, but you'd need to add the sugar to the root beer and heat it up to dissolve the sugar, then cool off again before adding to the milk. A lot of work for one drink though! :)