Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lesbigaytrs and Giblets

A couple nights ago, at the Nebraska Library Association conference, I attended a GLBT & Ally mixer, where I heard a couple of new terms for queerfolk. (Well, new to me, anyway.)

First, "Lesbigaytr." (Break it down: Les-Bi-Gay-Tr[ansgender].)

Behold the adorable, cuddly Lesbigaytr! Wai! Huggles!

The other term I heard was "giblets" (GBLTs). Bwa ha ha ha ha!

What all did we talk about at a GLBTA mixer? Mostly zombies. Why? I have no idea. It just happened. Oh, sure, we occasionally forayed into serious topics, like providing safe restroom access for transitioning individuals, and into fun topics, like favorite books and movies, but somehow, the conversation kept returning to zombies. So really, it was more of a GLBTZ mixer. But still, loads of fun.

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