Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monster Cat

If you at all follow the news about weird and odd things, you've probably seen the pictures of Yoda, the four-eared cat. He's quite adorable.

A few years ago, pictures ciruclated of Lilly, another four-eared cat.

A friend and I were discussing these, and she said, "They look so alien or Pokemon. You almost expect them to have extra limbs, a prehensile tail, forked tongue or something."

And so, I had to draw it.

Disclaimer: This picture in no way implies that I think four-eared cats are monsters! I made my creature a tabby specifically to avoid having it look like Yoda or Lilly. As with polydactyl cats (extra toes or "thumbs"), four-eared cats have a naturally occurring mutation that probably doesn't much impede their ability to have long and healthy lives. My picture is pure, over-the-top fantasy, because I like fantastic beasts and aliens, nothing more.

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