Monday, April 20, 2009

Lotus Focus: Cat and Moth

This morning I unlocked a new balance game in Wii Fit: Lotus Focus. This is an exercise in sitting perfectly still. The screen is dark except for a single candle burning in the middle. If you move, the candle goes out. The game tries to distract you with various sound effects, which are easy to ignore, and then by having a moth come and flutter around the flame.

It wasn't the moth that got me, but my cat Luna. As soon as that moth fluttered across the screen, he ran up to the TV, absolutely rapt. I've never seen him interested in anything on the TV screen before. He tracked the moth back and forth, pacing as he tried to figure out how to get through the "window" that separated him from his prey. I broke my stillness trying to repress my laugh.

Anyway, I plan to keep at Wii Fit every day. I make myself endure all the yoga exercises, then allow myself to have some fun with the balance and aerobic games. The balance games are all very fun (except for Lotus Focus, which really seems more like yoga). Even though I'm terrible at them, they're cute and they make me laugh, so I enjoy them even as I fail. Under aerobics, I really enjoy the step games. However, I'm apparently incapable of doing the hula hoop ones. I just can't get the movement right, so I've never actually last more than a few seconds. I'm trying to psych myself up to revisit the strength exercises, which are as un-fun as the yoga ones, and twice as painful.

And if you have Wii Fit and you think the strength exercises are all easy and you're wondering what my problem is, have you ever seen Kung-Fu Panda? On his first day of training, he does so poorly that his master declares, "There is now a Level Zero." That's where I am. Level Zero.

But overall, I'm thinking the Wii Fit was a worthwhile acquisition. I haven't noticed any improvement in my fitness yet, but it's only the fifth day.


lori said...

Rock on, Luna!!!That must have been an impossibly funny scene. I'm laughing just imagining it.

Now I'm really looking forward to getting a Wii Fit of my own. So far, all I've got is...Wii Sports. And while I really like bowling, tennis, and baseball (haven't tried boxing for some reason & don't like golf that much), I'm getting ready for some variety.

I've heard that it takes about 2 weeks in any fitness program to really start noticing a difference, so keep up the good work & posts. Maybe make some Miis so Luna & Murph can join in. :-)

Anj said...

Lori, I think you'd like Wii Fit. You're already a lot healthier than I am, so you wouldn't have as rough of a starting curve as I did. And the balance games are really a hoot. Tightrope walking, penguin sliding, and, yes, snowboarding. All good stuff.

You might also consider Wii Play. It's worth it just for the billiards game, which I enjoy almost as much as I enjoy bowling on Wii Sports. (Like you, I like bowling, tennis, and baseball on Wii Sports, but not so much golf or boxing.)

sectheatre said...

I'm so jealous. I want a Wii Fit now!

Maryann Miller said...

Anj, that was so funny about the cat chasing the flame. My son said his cat chases things on his computer screen when he is playing Online games with his sister and brother.

Cats are so cool. And having them around is healthy because they make us laugh. LOL