Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Day at the Zoo

Went to the zoo yesterday. Here are a few of the highlights.

There was a sprinkler watering a little flower garden just outside the okapi enclosure. The furthest bursts of spray made it inside the pen. This hornbill was sitting on the fence, washing himself in those intermittent bursts of spray. He turned this way and that, making sure to get every feather wet.

Meerkats and tigers and bears, oh my.

Peacock chicks huddled in their nest, no more than five feet from the sidewalk. Obviously neither they nor their parents were too worried about all the humans going by.

I've always been fond of vultures, and this guy looks particularly cool sunning his wings.

And then there was this weird fungus growing on a tree. It looked almost exactly like baked bread with drops of honey seeping out of it. I hope no one tries to eat it.

And bats, bats, bats! (Short-tailed fruit bats, to be specific.)


Anonymous said...

We had a very nice turkey vulture at the Nature Center where I worked. His name was Vlad (for the Dracula prototype. He thought he was a human because he never bonded with other birds.

Anj said...

Vlad is a perfect vulture name. It's a good name all around, actually. (My grandfather was named Vlad, but he was a sweetheart.)

I've heard of captive owls bonding with humans, so it doesn't surprise me that a vulture would do the same thing.