Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Car is Buried

We got quite a bit of snow yesterday and last night. I love the wind-sculpted drifts.

I think the mix of frost and steam on the laundry room windows is awesome.

However, my car is buried, and I do not own a snow shovel. I'm actually not quite sure what to do.

Normally, I can just stomp down a walkway around my car, but the drifts are a little high for that this time. I considered using a bowl or kitchen pot to dig, but the alley hasn't been plowed yet anyway. Even if I dug out my parking stall, it would get buried again. And the car I saw trying to get through the alley was having quite a lot of trouble. My car would be high centered before I made it three yards. Plus, the temperature right now, with the sun shining bright, is only 5 degrees.

I think I will hitch a ride with one of my coworkers tomorrow morning, then borrow her snow shovel after work. Then I would be able dig my car out tomorrow evening. That sounds like the safest plan.


Joholdenhan said...

Sounds like quite a dilemma. I hope you're able to excavate your car soon!

Anj said...

My friend gave me a ride to work today, and took me by the hardware store on the way home. I bought a snow shovel, and she helped me dig out my car. So I should be good to go tomorrow morning. Yay!