Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Giving Up Junk for Lent

Even though it's been a long time since I've attended church, I still see the value of observing Lent. During Lent, one should either abstain from something, especially something unhealthy, or one should take up a new good habit as a spiritual discipline. Lent is a good time to make an effort to improve your lifestyle.

Lately, I have felt crowded in my apartment. I feel burdened by too many possessions. Yet at the same time, I have trouble getting rid of things because when I have purged my belongings in the past, I have regretted getting rid of certain things, such as the two-foot-tall poseable Godzilla I had when I was a child, not to mention all of my Transformers. So I accumulate things and things and more things. And now I feel like I am drowning in stuff.

So for Lent, I have decided on a matched pair of disciplines.

Number 1. Although I may buy consumables and useful things, including clothing and books, I may not buy anything that has no purpose other than to sit on a shelf and look cool. No statues, stuffed animals, action figures, knick-knacks, ornaments, or anything else of that ilk.

Number 2. I must get rid of something every day. It doesn't matter whether it is large or small, whether it comes from a prominent display shelf or from the depths of the junk drawer, or whether I toss it in the trash or in a box to donate--at least one thing must leave my possession each day throughout Lent. If I purge several things on one day, it does not remove my obligation to get rid of at least one item the next day. The donation box can stay in my apartment, but I can not take anything back out of the box, and when the box is filled and sealed, it goes.

Looking forward to a less-cluttered apartment in forty days!


Jeannette said...

Good luck with your resolution. I've been doing the same, but some things are just too precious to let go, so I'm boxing them up and keeping them in the recesses of the house. However, I am surprised by the number of things I am willing to give away to charity. If it tugs at your heart, find a place to store it. You'll have a lot of fun opening those boxes 20 years from now. I now I am. Most go right back into the box, but I love having them somewhere in the house.

Marguerite Miller said...

What an interesting concept! How is this resolution going?

Anj said...

Really, it's going great! I've gotten rid of at least one thing every day, and most days I've gotten rid of several things. My apartment looks better, and I feel better about my use of space.