Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Zoo Pictures

I went to the zoo again yesterday. (Yes, again. There are no individual memberships available, and since I have no spouse or children to take along, that means I need to go to the zoo rather frequently to make the cost of the family membership worthwhile.)

These red river hog babies are not even a month old.

The white-ruffed lemur was sleeping with his paw resting on his friend. The red-ruffed lemur looked a bit annoyed by this.

Most of the lemurs were napping in the grass, but this guy was sprawled on a nice hot rock.

And here's a super close-up of his adorable foot.

But even if the lemurs were all asleep, the ostriches were frisky.

This ostrich mooned me. (Well, actually, he was showing off his plumage to a female that happened to be on the opposite side.) Doesn't the bare underside of an ostrich's wing look freaky?

Look closer . . . see that extra claw or thumb sticking out, about two thirds of the way from the elbow to the wingtip? Weird!

I have more zoo photos on Flickr.

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