Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flooding in Schuyler

These pictures were taken mid-afternoon in Schuyler, Nebraska. I hear the water levels have gone up considerably since then. And thunderstorms are forecast for tonight. I am afraid the whole town will flood.

Here is Shell Creek, at the north-east edge of town.

And here is Lost Creek, at the south-east edge of town.

The ditches and fields are flooded.

The water is halfway up the wheels on these trucks. Note how the exposed wheel plus the reflection forms an almost perfect circle.

This is the golf course. I expect that the geese are the only ones enjoying this situation.

And the bridge by the park is completely covered, with only the railings showing.

I am concerned for all of my family and friends in Schuyler. May you all be safe and well.


Cranefarm said...

Hope the water starts dropping soon. We have lots of rain here but no flooding. Is the Platte River high there?

Anj said...

I didn't get to see the Platte, but Highway 15 south of Schuyler, headed toward the Platte, was closed due to water covering the road. So I would guess that if the Platte isn't overflowing, it's probably close to it. And I haven't heard any status reports for a few hours, so I don't know if things have gotten worse.