Thursday, January 03, 2008

Jones Soda Dessert Pack: Blueberry Pie

I feel fantastic! Oh sure, I've still got a little pain, and two coworkers told me that I looked unwell and that my face was swollen, but compared to the way I've felt for the last two weeks, I feel so incredibly much better. In addition to feeling better physically, my spirits are up and I have more energy today. That toothache really had worn me down and wiped me out. I am so glad I got that root canal, and so grateful to my dentist for jostling the schedule to get me in yesterday. Life is good.

To celebrate, I let myself get Chinese food for dinner. Beijing Chicken. Very tasty.

And now it's time for the last bottle from the Jones Soda Dessert Pack: Blueberry Pie.

This soda is an absolutely beautiful shade of blue, edging into indigo, like the twilight sky after sunset but before the stars come out. The picture on the bottle depicts an uncut pie with four little people made of pie crust decorating it, laying with their heads together as if gazing at clouds. Thin lines of blue and red--food coloring or frosting--provide the faces and clothing. It's adorable.

The message under the cap reads, "Try yoga." Okay. I could use the exercise.

It smells wonderful. The blueberry aroma is strong and accurate.

Delicious. Possibly my favorite so far. While I'm not particularly getting a sense of the pie crust flavor, the overall taste is more like blueberry pie filling than fresh blueberries, so it really does evoke the impression of pie.

One oddity--it leaves a faint tingle on my tongue that reminds me a bit of Pop Rocks, which I haven't had since Kindergarten. Mind you, this tingle is not a bad thing. It's just a little strange.

Blueberry Pie soda is awesome. Jones should get this one out of the holiday packs and into full scale production. This deserves wide distribution. It's excellent.

Tomorrow will be the last Jones review for this season, the dreaded Christmas Tree flavor. I have purposely saved that one to be the grand finale. Tremble in fear!

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