Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Jones Soda Christmas Pack: Christmas Ham: An Afterthought

I think where Jones goes horribly, horribly wrong with flavors like Christmas Ham is that they make them sweet. Rather than caving into the consumer expectation that "soda" equals "sweet," I think they would do better to let savory flavors be savory. I like cold, sliced ham, and I think if they had made a beverage that actually did taste like ham, it wouldn't be so bad. It might not be good, either, but it would at least be drinkable. I remember their Turkey & Gravy soda from last year, and that was pretty decent. So it is possible to make a savory soda that isn't nauseating. I think it's the sweet--which has no place in ham flavor--that killed it.

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Anj said...

An afterthought to my afterthought: Upon reflection, it's not that sweetness can never go with ham. I've enjoyed ham glazed with honey, brown sugar, or maple syrup. All of those are delicious. However, the Jones Soda sweetness was not like any of those. It was just flat-out nasty beyond all reason.