Saturday, February 16, 2008

Presto and the Prinnies

Continuing with the game fanart, here is my Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories rainbow.

(The rest of this post probably won't make much sense to anyone who doesn't play Disgaea, so non-gamers feel free to tune out now.)

You can populate your army with prinnies of every color except for green, so I substituted a green skull to fill in that gap. I'm aware that Kurtis is a green prinny, but since I haven't unlocked the Land of Carnage yet, he's not a playable character for me. And since I never played the first Disgaea game, I have no emotional attachment to Kurtis. As far as I'm concerned, he's just some cranky-looking drifter I sometimes see hanging around Item World.

In my game, Presto was my green skull. (I say "was" because he's now a galaxy skull, which means his costume is bluish gray. Since that wouldn't work for this picture, I used his original coloration.) Excluding captured monsters, Presto is hands-down my most powerful character. Most likely that's because he's my favorite and I always give him first dibs on all the juicy experience points. And, yes, he's named after the Dungeons & Dragons character.

I periodically rename my prinnies. At the time I drew this picture, the red prinny was Cherry Bomb, orange was Kumquat, yellow was John Lemon, blue was Boomer (he was my highest level prinny at 600, which meant he made the biggest explosion when thrown), and purple was Mr. Prinnington. They've been renamed, running with the idea that prinnies are allegedly manufactured from the souls of dead sinners. So now the blue one is Sweeny Todd, and the orange one is his accomplice Mrs. Lovett. The red one is Dr. Sakurazuka, named for the character from Tokyo Babylon and X. The yellow one is Daisy. And the purple one shall always remain Mr. Prinnington. I also have a sixth prinny now: Alastair Gency, inventor of the Mr. Gency Exit. However since tier six prinnies are gray, he was too boring to add to this picture.

Oh, and I'm aware that Rosalin would chew me out for having a "rainbow" without indigo, they same way she went off on the Prism Rangers for only having five of the seven colors. But since the typical gay pride rainbow flag has six stripes, I'm calling six good enough.

The picture is dated 2007 because I drew and inked it back in December. I just didn't get around to coloring it until this week. So many of my markers are going dry that I had a pretty rough time with the color. I think I need to either look into acquiring Photoshop or start doing art only in black and white.

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