Saturday, March 01, 2008

To Distant Worlds

Whee! I'm going to Chicago today to see Nobuo Uematsu's Distant Worlds concert! I've never been to Chicago before. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see much of the city, as we're flying out late this morning and returning very early tomorrow morning. Someday I hope to go to Chicago and actually have time to go to all the museums and stuff, but for now, the concert will be plenty.

Red XIII is pretty excited, too, even if his theme song is not on the program.

Note that for the purposes of this trip, the part of Red XIII will be played by his stunt double, a former key-fob that has long since been liberated from the cruel chain that once sprouted from his back like a manacle attached directly to his spine. He will be riding along in my pocket. (As if I needed to prove my nerdiness.)

Here's little Red XIII sitting atop my luggage, receiving a goodbye hug from my Yuffie action figure. Since they're not on the same scale, poor Red looks like a cub.

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