Thursday, October 30, 2008


Here is a little wyvern I sculpted for my Dad's birthday present. Instead of rearing perfectly upright as I had intended, gravity took its toll on the heavy wings during baking. When the clay softened up in the heat, the wyvern leaned back, and now that it's cool, it's permanent. To restore the wyvern to its intended posture, it must be perched with its tail propped up on something (such as this crystal). The silver burned a little in the oven (despite the fact that I baked it for the minimum recommended time), which is why the tips of the spikes and wings are just a bit brown. Actually, I think the discoloration is an enhancement in this case. Overall, this critter came out all right. I like the way the face turned out. I used BBs for the eyes, which is why they gleam so nice.

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Mom said...

Your dad will love the wyvern! The silver clay is spectacular. What a nice addition to your collection of critters.