Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scrutinizing My Wellness

I'm beginning an experiment today. Don't know if I'll have the wherewithall to stick with it long term. But I keep saying, "I need to cut back on lattes. I need to stop getting candy bars and chips from the vending machine. I need to exercise regularly. I need to this, that, and th'other." And I never manage to ditch the bad habits or stick with the good ones. But I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, so I'm going to document everything in an attempt to shame myself into living better.

The Rules

1) Write down everything I eat or drink.
-- Water is exempt--no calories.

2) Write down all exercise.
-- Pacing around my apartment and playing on the Wii do not count as exercise, unless I acquire Wii Fit.

3) Write down creative activities (mental exercise).

4) Keep track of money spent.

5) Write down anything else that seems relevant to my well-being.

6) Document my general health and physical complaints, including any medicine taken.

Don't worry, I won't blog my diet or exercise record. No one cares but me. I'm only posting the rules in case any of you want to play along.

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