Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tea Set

I gave Mom a box of flowering tea for her birthday, so she brewed a pot to share with Grandma and me.

Since it was a special occasion, she decided to use the special tea set, which had possibly not been used since the time of my great-grandparents.

Grandma remembers her father purchasing it as a gift for her mother at the Ptacek Merchandise Store in Bruno, Nebraska, probably at least 80 years ago. The store was owned by her grandfather (hence my great-great-grandfather) and managed by her uncle, and the tea set was memorable because it was so unusual and fancy for that place and time. But it was rarely used because it was too impractical for the farm. It was something only for special occasions.

Prior to having tea with Mom and Grandma yesterday, my memories of this tea set were limited to seeing it always on the top shelf of Mom's china cabinet. It was so pretty and shiny, which made it eye-catching, but I never saw it used. The pieces are light and delicate, like egg shells.

Not that I expect it to be valuable or anything, but because I was curious, I went online trying to find information about the company that made it, James Studio China. However, I only found a few eBay listings for random cups and creamers of other patterns. Nothing like our blue set. So I thought I'd post pictures of it here, in the hopes that someone who might have information about it would stumble across this post and contact me, to satisfy my curiosity.

The set includes a teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, six teacups, six saucers, and six dessert plates. Not all pieces of the set are shown here, but this ought to give you an idea.

The glaze on the outside is iridescent blue with a red and yellow flower pattern, possibly poppy. The inside of each cup, as well as the creamer and sugar bowl, is iridescent gold.

On the bottom of each piece is the artist's palate logo for James Studio China, Japan.

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