Thursday, May 17, 2007

Almost but not quite Writer's Block

Hanging around home, I was just screwing around on the web, doing nothing useful whatsoever. I decided to try the coffee shop thing again, to remove myself from the temptations of the web and video games. I went to Caffeine Dreams, which I've been to many times. But while I like the atmosphere for hanging out and gabbing with friends, it turns out to be terrible for concentration.

I got a decaf latte and settled down at one of the shiny steel tables. These tables are asymmetrical works of art. I stared at the screen for a while, trying to tune out the somewhat annoying music they were playing. Finally, I managed to start writing. I didn't get very far, however, when the angle of the sun through the window grew low enough to drive me from that seat. I found another funky steel table, but it turned out to be a different height, very uncomfortable for typing. So I moved to a third table, a standard square of wood. The height was fine, but I was directly under a hot light, which made the top of my head quite uncomfortable. So, after barely a page and a half of writing and less than half of my coffee, I gave up and left the shop.

I came to the library where I work. I don't like coming here when I'm off duty, because I'm always afraid people will recognize me and ask me to help them find things. But it's summer, so there are hardly any patrons in the building, so I'm relatively safe. Aside from whispered conversations at nearby tables, other people typing on their laptops, and the muffled traffic noise beyond the window, this is a decently quiet environment.

Alas, I only wrote one more page before stalling out. After staring at the screen for a while, I've decided that I'm done for tonight. But now I'm gong to take advantage of the library's wireless network and post my first blog entry from the laptop. Woohoo!

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