Sunday, May 27, 2007


I just got back from a brief walk around my neighborhood, and just as I was approaching home, a family of four cottontail rabbits charged over from the church lot next door, crossed in front of my path, then ran into the bushes in front of the apartment building. Then they decided that wasn't where they wanted to be after all, so they bounded out of those bushes, passed right by me again, and ran back to the church. One was slightly larger, so I presume it was a mother with her nearly-grown kits. They didn't seem particularly fearful, and two of them came within a yard of me.

I bet it's good luck when four rabbits cross your path, and doubly good luck when they cross back again. That's thirty-two lucky rabbit feet! (All the more lucky, since they're attached to living, healthy rabbits.)

And it's not like the rabbits touched me or anything, but my cat is all over me right now, sniffing everywhere. If not the bunnies, I wonder what he's smelling? I didn't touch or brush against anything, and I took off my shoes when I came in the door.

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