Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jones Soda Holiday Pack: Sweet Potato Soda

Today’s flavor is Sweet Potato Soda, the very idea of which disgusts the friend who gave me the Jones pack. However, I’m actually looking forward to it. I love sweet potatoes, so if this tastes anything like them, I’ll probably enjoy it. The color is a cheerful amber-orange, the right and proper color for sweet potatoes.

Under the cap: “Walk barefoot in the grass.”
My response: It’s December. The grass is dead. And cold.

The smell is faint, but recognizably sweet potatoish. I am encouraged.

Hmm . . . I like it. It’s sweeter than actual sweet potato, but the flavor is there--sweet potato drenched in sugar and butter, with a hint of mulling spices. Maybe not quite as good as last year’s fantastic cranberry sauce soda, but I’d put it on par with the pumpkin pie soda, which is to say, yummy. If this flavor were available outside the holiday pack, I would probably buy it for normal consumption.

This one’s a winner!

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