Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lost Time

I really hate being sick. As much as the actual pain and misery, I hate that feeling of lost time. It's like an alien abduction. Suddenly, a whole day or more is simply gone, and I'm disoriented for the rest of the week.

I was out sick from work all day yesterday. Today I tried to go to work. I really felt better at the beginning of my workday, but after about an hour, I started feeling queasy. I figured I could ride it out, but an hour later, my stomach lost containment. (How embarrassing, to have that happen at work!) So I came home and proceeded to spend the next several hours in bed or in the bathroom.

Although I'm well enough now to sit up and write checks to pay my bills and write this short, lame blog post, I doubt I'll accomplish anything productive today. So that's two days of lost time. I'll wake up tomorrow, and I'll be doing Tuesday's work on Thursday, and my mental clock will probably be out of whack until the weekend.

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