Saturday, April 14, 2007


In the news this morning, a poll mentioned that 54% of people are now filing their taxes electronically, and that the number is growing every year.

Me, I'm one of the backsliders. I did my taxes electronically last year. The length and excruciating detail of the H&R Block "free file" form, coupled with the slowness with which my 56K modem resolved each page, resulted in taxes becoming an all-evening event. It took two and a half hours.

I do not own a house. I have only one source of income, with a nice, tidy W-2 to go with it. The interest from all of my bank accounts adds up to pocket change. My taxes are not complex. It takes me ten minutes to fill out the 1040EZ form.

Two and a half hours vs. ten minutes. Hmm . . . how hard of a choice is that?

So I did my taxes on paper this year. And unless they make an EZ electronic version, I'm likely to keep doing them on paper in the future.

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Kelly said...

Amen sister. I find it amazing how often making things easier for us by going electronic often takes more time and energy than good old paper and pencil.