Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pet Food Recall, Again

It seems like every time I check the list of recalled pet foods, the number has increased. So if you have previously checked the list of contaminated pet foods, you might want to check it again.


And one type of Science Diet DRY cat food (Hill’s Prescription Diet m/d) has also been recalled.


I keep checking the lists periodically because I’m afraid that the stuff my cats eat will show up. I don’t think this is over.


sectheatre said...

It's totally freaking me out too. I am seriously considering buying frozen mice to feed to my cats. At least I know where they come from. Spring is grossed out by idea though.

Anj said...

The frozen mouse thing sounds like a good idea, but I'd probably be kind of grossed out too, especially if the cats were not good about keeping all the parts in the bowl. Plus, since the sole experience my cats have with mice is with the rabbit-fur toy type, they'd probably assume the frozen mice were toys and bat them around the room, leaving them under the sofa to rot. I have heard of a lot of people preparing homemade pet food, though. There are apparently cat and dog specific cookbooks, devoid of ingredients that are harmful to animals. I'm not sure I'm ready to take that step, though. Half the time I can barely manage to cook for myself.