Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kevin & Kell

I thought I'd share one of of my favorite online comics, for those looking for something to read.

Kevin & Kell is the charming story of a wolf and a rabbit who are married to one another in a world where predators and prey do not normally interact beyond feeding and fleeing. Their children include a rebellious wolf cub resentful of his rabbit step-father, an adopted hedgehog, and a carnivorous baby bunny. Their taboo family seems to invite taboo friendships as well, as animals of all types, from a lesbian rhinoceros to a trans-diet herbivorous wolf in sheep's clothing, find safe haven together.

Sweet and funny, this is a very wholesome comic overall. No nudity, no bad language, nothing I have ever found objectionable. The characters and story are always first and foremost, and most of the social commentary is actually pretty subdued.

The format, art quality, and storytelling style are all very professional, worthy of newspaper syndication, except that it goes one better by having all daily strips in full color as well. And, unlike any other online comic I have ever encountered, the artist has never once missed a day or been late with a new comic.

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