Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

There’s something wonderful about receiving a rose on Valentine’s Day, even if there is no romance attached. One of my colleagues in another department brought a bunch of roses to work and distributed them randomly throughout the building, cheering many folks in many departments. Just as I was leaving work for the day, he caught me by the door and gave me the second-to-last of the roses. He kept the last one for himself. It really brightened my day.

Of course, when I got home, I accidentally smashed my rose against the doorjamb in my move to block a feline miscreant’s attempt to escape into the forbidden hallway.

(And now the feline miscreant is busy rubbing against the computer, seeing just how much fur he shed into the CD-ROM drive. When he bumps the case just right, the CD tray slides out. He seems to derive great joy from opening it repeatedly and making me reach over to close it again. But I digress.)

Happy Valentine’s Day! And for all my fellow spinsters out there, remember, tomorrow all the chocolate goes on sale!

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sectheatre said...

Chocolate isn't just for spinsters!!! Especially cheap chocolate. :)