Thursday, February 15, 2007

Numismatic Joy

Finally, at long last! Today the first of the new presidential series dollar coins has been released! Behold, the new George Washington dollar.

One particularly cool feature of this coin is the text around the edge, something not done on a U.S. coin since 1932.

I cashed a check at my bank and got a $25 roll of the new coins. The only thing I don’t like is how scratched and dinged up they are even in their uncirculated state. I think the mint must toss them about a bit before putting them into rolls, because even after removing the paper very carefully and separating the coins gently, I couldn’t find a truly pristine one for my folder.

But they’re still very cool. I put two in my coin folder--one in the proper George Washington slot, the other in a variation slot to display the reverse. The remaining dollars I shall spend. I enjoy unleashing new coins into the wild, because coins are more fun when they circulate.

P.S.--As I was uploading the pictures for this blog entry, I went back to the other room to put away my camera. There I discovered that my feline miscreant had been so upset about my ignoring him while I photographed the dollars that as soon as I’d turned my back, he’d thrown up on the pile of coins! I am not making this up! (I’d prove it with another picture, except that it’s quite disgusting.) So I will be washing the coins with soap and water before I spend them. Look out! Money laundering!

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Kelly said...

Hi Ang,
The mint does not roll the coins. They dump them in bags, sew up the bags, and ship them off to the banks. Tellers at the banks dump the coins into a machine that swirls the coins around, making sure that only the specified coin can pass through and dumps them into a feed. Some machines do most all the rolling work, some require a person to about half of it. For truly no scratch coins you need to go to a dealer, or though the mint.