Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Autumn in the Forest

. . . when the only green to be seen is the pond algae.

An algae-covered pond in the forest.
Note also the beaver handiwork in the lower left corner.

I had hoped to see turkeys on my walk, but there were none to be found. Perhaps it was the time of day, or the proximity of Thanksgiving, or the noisy herds of children on the trails, or the shouting and pounding and clanging of the railroad crew repairing the tracks, but the turkeys were all in hiding.

So were the deer, for the most part. It’s not uncommon for me to see several deer out in the forest, but today I saw only one. I think I woke her from her nap. She never got up from her bed, but simply watched me warily until I took my pictures and left.

A doe laying in the brush.
Otherwise, I didn’t see much beyond the usual squirrels, robins, and one red-bellied woodpecker. Still, it was a pleasant walk in unseasonably warm weather.

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