Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How Many E-Mail Addresses Does One Woman Need?

I now have five, count 'em, five e-mail accounts to juggle. And, unfortunately, they all have different capabilities and obligations, so I can't dump any of them.

1) My work e-mail. I do try to avoid using it for personal communication, to keep the division between work and home strong.

2) The ISP I actually pay for. I can't get rid of it, or I'll lose internet access at home.

3) Hotmail. The only one that allows me to send and receive messages in Japanese.

4) Yahoo. Required in order to keep my Geocities page.

5) Gmail, newly created this morning. Required for upgrading the functionality of this blog.

E-mail aside, I've lost count of the number of other services that require usernames and passwords.

How much is too much?

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