Monday, November 20, 2006

Fits Like a Glove--Wait, it IS a Glove!

I got about two-thirds of my Christmas shopping done this weekend, and during the course of my excursion, I made my first trip to the new Cabela’s in La Vista. I’d never been in a Cabela’s before, and as I passed through the doors, I drifted to a stop and stood gaping at the vastness of it.

I neither hunt nor fish, but I appreciate hunters and fishers because I’m very fond of meat. And I have many hunters in my family, so I have an understanding and appreciation of the hunter aesthetic. This store is magnificent, bordering on decadent.

The displays of taxidermized animals and birds are better than museum quality. A far cry from the faded, dusty, static displays I remember from childhood at the natural history museum, these were dynamic and cleverly arranged. And it was quite educational, as I saw many species I was unfamiliar with. Also, the enormous aquarium filled with live native fish species was well worth the trip.

I was there to get gifts for others, but I ended up buying something for myself as well: a pair of gloves which cost more than I ever dreamed I would spend on handwear. I won’t say how much, except that it is more than I have ever paid for any shirt or pair of pants. However, I have a history of buying cheap gloves, which I end up hating because they unravel, or they utterly fail to keep my hands warm, or they irritate my wrists, or whatever, and then I buy new ones the next year. It is my hope that higher quality gloves will last long enough to average out to the same annual cost in the long run.

These gloves are black leather, but not from a cow. In fact, they are genuine kangaroo skin, with flannel lining. They are extremely comfortable, and I am not experiencing my usual buyer’s remorse, so I think I made a worthwhile choice.

However, there is one caveat. I have always justified wearing leather and suede because I eat beef and pork. I have joked that I don’t wear animals that I don’t eat. However, I have not eaten kangaroo. And, this being Nebraska, we don’t see a lot of them around here. Well, at the zoo. However, I suspect they would disapprove of me dragging a barbecue grill into the Wild Kingdom Pavilion.

Anyone know where I can get kangaroo meat in Nebraska?

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