Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mystery of the Blue Cell Phone

I returned home to find the security door of my apartment complex propped open, a no-no after dark. As I drew near, I noticed a small blue cell phone laying in the middle of the entryway. A heart-shaped foil kitten sticker marked the front of the phone, and a matching flower-shaped kitten sticker marked the back.

I looked around, wondering if I was being watched. Candid Camera? A morality test? A trap? Or just a lost phone and a stuck door?

I really didn't know what to do with it, but I was afraid that the phone might get kicked or stepped on, so I moved it to the table by the mailboxes. Anyone who lives in my apartment complex will see it there, so if it belongs to one of my neighbors or their guests, it ought to find its way back into the right hands. And my neighbors inside this building are excruciatingly scrupulous about not taking things that don’t belong to them. We once had a pile of pennies--at least fifty cents worth--sit untouched in the laundry room for over a month.

(My neighbors outside the building, on the other hand, will smash your car window to get your stereo. But at any rate, this side of the security door is safe.)

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